“A great investment opportunity”

“Low corruption, high transparency, good diversification and world leading companies that are focused on having sustainable businesses”. The arguments for Nordic credits are many, says credit manager Maria Andersson.

In this interview, Maria also highlights

  • the higher spreads in the Nordics than in Europe, for the same risks
  • the pick-up over time, because of fewer publically rated companies and local currencies
  • the large universe of floating interest rate notes, meaning a much lower interest rate risk
  • the surprinsingly large Nordic credit market, with 185 High Yield issues in 2019 only
  • the importance of local knowledge
  • the edge of being one of the largest investors in the region
  • the large and growing universe of green bonds
  • the outlook for 2020

Together with Niklas Edman, Maria Andersson manages the funds Carnegie Corporate Bond and Carnegie High Yield Select.

Also, Maria is a member of Carnegie Fonder’s investment committe.


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