Carnegie Fonder takes over Alfred Berg’s Swedish funds

Carnegie Fonder is taking over nine funds and discretionary management mandates from Alfred Berg, with assets under management totalling almost SEK 10 billion. The transaction is expected to take place in the fourth quarter of 2019, following approval from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, Finansinspektionen.

Until the transaction has been approved by Finansinspektionen, the funds and discretionary mandates will be managed by Alfred Berg, as previously.

Hans Hedström, CEO.

“Carnegie Fonder is set to grow, and this gives us an opportunity to do it through an attractive acquisition. We welcome all the new clients brought to us through this transaction and who wish to benefit from Carnegie Fonder’s broad range of successful funds, our experienced sales team and solid administration,” says Carnegie Fonder’s CEO Hans Hedström.

The funds being taken over are Alfred Berg Korträntefond Hållbar, Alfred Berg Ränteallokering Plus, Alfred Berg Obligationsfond Plus Hållbar, Alfred Berg Företagsobligationsfond Hållbar, Alfred Berg Ryssland, Alfred Berg Fastighetsfond Norden, Alfred Berg Bull, Alfred Berg Bear and Alfred Berg Hållbar Tillväxt Sverige.

The acquired management mandates complement the core expertise of Carnegie Fonder, including Nordic equities and fixed income, and Russian equities. Consequently, the plan is for several Alfred Berg funds to be merged with Carnegie Fonder’s existing funds, while others will continue as previously but under new names.

The approval process with Finansinspektionen is expected to take several months and, until then, the funds and mandates will be managed by Alfred Berg, just as before.

The nine funds and the discretionary management mandates have assets under management totalling almost SEK 10 billion. Carnegie Fonder’s assets under management amounted to SEK 72 billion on July 31 (before the transaction).

Carnegie Fonder is an independent fund management company founded in 1988. All our funds are actively managed and are used to create financial security for children, pension savers, foundations and companies. Carnegie Fonder it owned by its staff and by Carneo Asset Managers.

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