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cookies uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file saved to your browser. It can store information that is useful to save between visits to the website. We use so-called third-party cookies to conduct web analytics with Google Analytics. This allows us to understand how the website is used and helps us improve the user experience for our visitors.

We do not track how individuals use the site, which means that no personal data (name, e-mail, IP addresses or similar) is stored in our cookies.

When we use Google Analytics we find out things like:

  • How many visitors and page views we have
  • How long users stay on each page on average
  • How many pages visitors open on each visit on average
  • Which browsers are most common
  • Where visitors come from
  • What device is being used (phone, computer or tablet)
  • How people navigate our pages

We use the following cookies on our website

  • _ga: Used for visitor statistics  –  stored for 2 years
  • _gat: Used for visitor statistics – stored for 10 minutes
  • carnegiefonder-cookie: Used to keep track of whether or not the cookie message has been displayed – Stored for 3 months
  • pll_language:  Used to keep track of what language you have chosen- stored for 1 years
  • carnegiefonder-geolocation: Used to keep track of whether the user has accepted a geolocation – Stored for 3 months

How to prevent cookies from being stored

  • You can delete cookies from your hard drive at any time, but this means your personal settings will be lost.
  • You can also change the settings in your browser to prevent cookies being saved on your hard drive. However, this impairs the functionality of certain web pages, can prevent access to login pages, and may make certain content and features unavailable.

If you do not want you user data collected for the purposes of advertising or internet statistics by Google’s services you can use what are known as opt-out extensions for your browser or a service from the industry organisation EDAA:

We may from time to time change this privacy policy to comply with statutory requirements and our own practices for the collection and processing of data.

Contact details

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